Interactive Projects
Olympic Sculpture Park : 6Octave Matrix Precipitation Sensor Signal Conversion to 6 Panel LCD A/V Display
Architect Model + Site
Prec. Sensor 2 LCD A/V Display
LCD Display 6 Vid. Switch State Demo
4 PUI Prototypes
Viewer Immersion
Rain (museum exterior)
Top view: sensors outside the museum
Side view: The audiovisual display (museum interior)


Demo: Reinterpretation of rain into audiovisual signals on museum interior:

(6) Precipitation sensors outside the museum convert the “rain drop” from and analogue to a digital signal. The signal via a cat 5 cable would be inside the museum to a computer, interface with Max/MSP jitter OpenGl where the signal would be mathematically reinterpreted into a series of “live” audio visual signals.  The video signal output would be displayed on (6) LCD panels and audio on (2) audio towers for the viewer.

Precipitation sensors are incredibly sensitive to precipitation levels light (such as a mist), medium (“raindrops”) and heavy (hail). Variants in the signal sent throughMax/MSP jitter OpenGl should constantly produce an ever-changing “live” audiovisual display in variations of color (red, purple, yellow, aqua, green and orange shapes) and sound.

The impact of each “raindrop” (or series of drops) will create a mark on the LCD display, the heavier the drops or shower the heavier and bolder the visual marks and sound.  The lighter the precipitation the lighter the visual marks and sound.


What the viewer sees oand hears in display area.