Interactive Projects
Olympic Sculpture Park : 6Octave Matrix 4 PUI Prototypes
Architect Model + Site
Prec. Sensor 2 LCD A/V Display
LCD Display 6 Vid. Switch State Demo
4 PUI Prototypes
Viewer Immersion

(4) Max MSP/Jitter OpenGl +G4:

(6) screwdrivers, steel table, a/v patch unlimited multi-color

In the fourth version, I designed the max patch to provide an audiovisual signal and color in full chromatic range, rather than single. Also rather that just tapping the top of the laptop I set the laptop on a metal table and tapped the table with various weighted screwdrivers. The scale of the mark produced was directly related to the strike and weight of the driver as it hit the table. This to me was the best illustrate as it produces and array of audiovisual signals due to various rates of impact much like rain.

laptop and MaxMSP patch.
Tapping table.
Output composite signal.

(3) Max MSP/Jitter OpenGl +G4:

(6) screwdrivers, steel table, a/v patch 6 multi-color

In the third version, I illuminated the drum and used the built in mikes on the laptop itself. I also designed the max patch so that it could provide an audiovisual composite signal. I also altered the video signal to show variations in each hue.

  Tapping laptop microphones
MaxMSP patch color variation
Output 6 color/patch composite.

(2) Max MSP/Jitter OpenGl +G4:

Rubber drum, condenser mic circuit, v/ patch 6 multi-color (video only)

In the second version, I built a drum and set a condenser mic in the base. When the drum was tapped the signal was automatically converted to a visual signal using MaxMSP to a video signal. I made 6 max MSP patches that displayed a video signal in red, purple, yellow, aqua, green and orange.

Output composite signal.

(1) copper + stained glass, pic circuit, midi, garage band + G4 :

a/ tonal (audio only)

The first prototype incorporates copper tape on cobalt glass. Each strip runs in parallel and the polarities are opposing (+,-) When a raindrop touches the glass it would repel and gravitate towards the copper. Being a natural conductor it would automatically send a signal to the pic. The signal is then sent via midi and reproduced as middle A.

sensor (input) closup.
Prototype, circuit, midi and laptop.
Output destination sound.