Installation Projects
The installation
Interaction with environment
River Model
Ocean model
12'x5' Drawing
Installation diagram

How the sculpture interacts with the environment:

Inside of each “Silence tube” a solar powered sound transducer would be placed to pick up the sounds to be transmitted to another location and amplified. An observation deck would be built where viewer-participants could auditor ally experience the matrix of “Silence” produces. From the observation deck participants could view the architectural form the sculpture creates through the landscape.

Ambient sound will occurs within each of the proposed “Silence tubes”. The pitch of the sounds depends on tube dimensions. “Silence tubes” vary so each would produce a different pitch. A section of the “Silence tubes” wall will be removed to allow for that pitch to be altered be ever-changing wind currents. As the wind currents change, the sound within a “Silence tube” would be altered.