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"6Octave Matrix Audioscape"

Olympia Sculpture Park
Library of Congress American Folklore Center

(40 tracks)

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Description: Music Comp. + Environmental Interactive Project

6Octave Matrix Audioscape is a series of 36 experimental audio tracks to emulate a sculpture that I am designing for Olympia Sculpture Park.  The sculptures will sensor and reinterpreted precipitation in the environment.

Walter C. Garwick (great grand father) developed the (1)x high fidelity recorder for Alan Lomax and the Library of Congress & 100's of field recordings:

In 2007 I made a 1(x) trip to meet with Todd Harvey at the Library of Congress and listened to some of Walter C. Garwick's field recording archive in folk, dialectics, negro spirituals and American folk music (he contributed over 100 1 hr recordings). In 1933, Walter C. Garwick from his office at 250 W 54th St NYC built in 6wks the (1)x high fidelity recorder for Alan Lomax and the Library of Congress. Walter C. Garwick's Library of Congress was matched at Columbia University, Center for Ethnomusicology. He also has an archive with University of Pensilvania (focused on dialectics and poetry). Mr. Harvey let me know that he and the Library of Congress were interested in my work and the 6Octave Matrix Project. Walter C. Garwick's high fideltiy field recorder.

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about the 6Octave Matrix Project
"6Octave Matrix Audioscape" demo track (Excerpts):
  middle octave pipe chbells medium shower chbells medium ambient mix steel drum medium shower
  ambience with a switcher chbells heavy shower chbells heavy ambient mix steel drum heavy shower
  chbells light shower chbells light ambient mix steel drum light shower    
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(12 Tracks)

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Description: Music Comp.+ America, V8 & 85 m.p.h.

"Drive" was inspired while working on 6Octave Matrix for Olympia Sculpture Park as I was thinking about using the roadways that cut through the land and sensor it to produce a matrix of sounds. Then I started thinking about motorways, freeways stripes and strip reflectors as rhythm gauges as the vehicle moves past them.  Imagining this I composed “Drive”. In 2007 I tested “Drive” the freeways stripes and strip reflectors harmonized with the 12 “Drive” tracks at 85 m.p.h. it was a pretty amazing experience.

The tracks are multiple layered compositions made with both preexisting digital sound and midi sound. The "Drive" demo track is composed of 27 tracks.

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"Drive"demo track 1 (excerpt)


(15 tracks)

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Description: Music Comp. + The Artists that I Love

Because of my dedication, love of the arts and working on the projects I have I have been privileged to meet some of the greatest musicians, artists, performers, directors, architects and engineers of our times.

“AMORE" is an abstract expression of the love for these amazing people that I have met on my journey ever reminding me that the survival of the arts in America is based on mentorship. “AMORE" is my way of saying thanks.

"Second Sunday" demo track 1 (excerpt)
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(27 minute poetic audioscape)

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Description: Music Comp. + Poetry from Life

“Fire & Water” evolved out of a 43-minute performance that I developed and built in the 1990’s. In the performance I synchronized 2 projectors to stream each poetic verse across 2 projection screens, while maneuvering a 6’ figures laced with 280 synchronized lights on a 18 W’ x12 H ’ reversible staircase (More about Fire&Water).

For the audio version of “Fire &Water” I made a 1x 27 minutes recording poetic verse, sandwiched it between 2 main acoustic tracks, then took the main vocal track, applied a series of effects and light alterations to create 24 vocal composites.

"Fire&Water" poetic audioscape demo track (excerpt)
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"Romantica Complcato"

(28 minute audioscape)

Description: Music Comp. + Tango & Latin Culture

"Romantica Complcato" is an interactive performance the 28-minute audios cape will be used as core of an interactive performance. (now available on CD)

" Romantica Complcato" demo track (excerpt)

about "Romantica Complicato"
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(In Progress)

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Description: Music Comp. + NASA, ESA & Science

"SKY” encapsulates the now almost five decades of dedication that both NASA and ESA have devoted to the universe.  A program that started with satellites and the Mercury rocket has now evolved into an intricate detail of 10,000 satellites (some in defunct) constantly circling our big blue marble surveying and the universe that surrounding it.

"Galalao Gravity" demo track 1 (excerpt)
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(In Progress)

Description: Music Comp. + American Politics & Contradiction

Inspired during the Bush doctrine years in which capitalism seemed to be completely triumphing Democracy.  I was mystified witnessing the complete lack of respect and knowledge of our sacred American doctrines.  It motivated me to take a trip to the National Archives, Washington DC., view the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Thomas Jefferson’s Documents. 

Post that I attending Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" environmental energy lecture and Benjamin R. Barber lectures about democracy, American History and the “Art of Liberty” which being an American artist I am a part of. Unrelated, I was contacted by the Clinton Foundation and saw Bill Clintons office full of images of world leaders and diplomatic archives.  All of which inspired me all over again.

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"anythingaboutmuzac" demo track 1 (excerpt)